Body Worlds Vital-Boston

Body Worlds Vital-Boston Hello all, I hope you are making art and continuing to immerse yourself in the arts. Last week I attended a scientific exhibit, Body Works Vital. I learned a lot about the human body. It was beautiful, interesting and amazing. The show is at Faneuil Hall in Quincy Market until early spring, […]

Artsy Forager

Artsy Forager Aern’t we all foresting for art in our lives? This is a great site. It features awesome artists, studio spaces, artwork and more. Similar to the Jealous Curator, but a little more all over the place, check it out, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Also: Angela check this artist out:  Interesting take on self portraits, Canadian […]

Spotlight: Sean

]                                                                   “I begin my work by planning out what is necessary to create what I am imagining. The rest comes to me as I am working and making. These pieces all mean something to me, but I like to the viewer decide what it means to them” -Sean

Spotlight: Angela

  “I want to communicate my perspective, but also I want to provoke viewers into really thinking about the motivation behind the work. My work is experimental and structural. I communicate my ideas through the juxtaposition of structure and material. I like to manipulate the viewer’s relationship with appearances. My sculptures are influenced by solid […]

Spotlight: Juliane

“Making sculptures for me is not easy, especially when I am working within specific materials for a certain project. When I make art I usually don’t think about it, I let my hands do what ever they want. When I am finished, I reflect on meaning. I am inspired by my memories, daily life, and […]