Take Back the Canvas Pt. 2

DSCN0866DSCN0838 DSCN0854 DSCN0831  DSCN0877 DSCN0869Take Back the Canvas Pt. 2

We continued to explore the ways that text synthesizes meaning through our representative “word sculptures”. Through a series of activities that emphasize relationships between our physical body and our work, we continued to fine tune how we perceive and understand structures, space, and sculpture. We began by doing some gesture/contour drawings to get our body involved in our work, to help us notice details from different perspectives of viewing the work, and also to continue to develop our versatility and flexibility as mixed media sculpture artists. This week we critiqued our continually ongoing works in small one-on-ones and impromptu groups. We discussed further that feeling of a work being complete, or finished, the UNICORN. Stretching ourselves further we took suggestions to expand and enhance our concepts and final products.   Final Works to come soon.


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