Hello All!! Sculptures in progress

Hello All!! Sculptures in progress

Sean is the only one who has sent me preliminary photos of a sculpture in progress! Has anyone else been making art, or working on sculptures? Post photos in the comments!


Body Worlds Vital-Boston

Body Worlds Vital-Boston

Hello all, I hope you are making art and continuing to immerse yourself in the arts. Last week I attended a scientific exhibit, Body Works Vital. I learned a lot about the human body. It was beautiful, interesting and amazing. The show is at Faneuil Hall in Quincy Market until early spring, its only 25$. gather up your families and friends and check it out!!!!! Easy to get to from the T! The exhibit is comprised of real plasticine human bodies exploring the inner workings of the amazing human body as it operates as a whole organism, and the roles 


Happy Sculpting!


Artsy Forager

Artsy Forager

Aern’t we all foresting for art in our lives? This is a great site. It features awesome artists, studio spaces, artwork and more. Similar to the Jealous Curator, but a little more all over the place, check it out,



Angela check this artist out:  Interesting take on self portraits, Canadian Artist Andrew Salgado.


And Jen: For some reason this reminded me of you: Rachel Levit, illustrator


Spotlight: Sean

DSCN1221]                                     DSCN1197                   DSCN1187       DSCN1199 DSCN1196 DSCN1349 DSCN1224 DSCN1216DSCN1189DSCN1220Spotlight: Sean

“I begin my work by planning out what is necessary to create what I am imagining. The rest comes to me as I am working and making. These pieces all mean something to me, but I like to the viewer decide what it means to them”

Spotlight: Angela

DSCN1146 DSCN1145 DSCN1141DSCN1204DSCN1202 DSCN1203 DSCN1204  DSCN1206Spotlight: Angela

“I want to communicate my perspective, but also I want to provoke viewers into really thinking about the motivation behind the work. My work is experimental and structural. I communicate my ideas through the juxtaposition of structure and material. I like to manipulate the viewer’s relationship with appearances. My sculptures are influenced by solid architectural structures which I contrast with strong and fragile elements and ideas”

Spotlight: Juliane

DSCN1186 DSCN1183 DSCN1184Spotlight: Juliane

“Making sculptures for me is not easy, especially when I am working within specific materials for a certain project. When I make art I usually don’t think about it, I let my hands do what ever they want. When I am finished, I reflect on meaning. I am inspired by my memories, daily life, and by other artist’s work. People also influence and inspire me”